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Mindset Martial Arts Fighter Reviews

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Mariana, Esteban, and Annabel

I have two kids ages 8 and 6 a boy and girl. My husband and I were looking for an activity that would help them with their self confidence and self esteem. We came upon Mindset Martial Arts and really liked the Coaches positive attitude and positive messages he would give the kids. My son who is 8  was always fearful of any type of martial arts but when he came to his first class at Mindset Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu he loved it. He was so excited to get his gi and to begin to learn the Jiu jitsu moves and self defense. He is always ready to come to class and he leaves the class with a smile and positive attitude.  He has been more focused in school and more disciplined overall. My daughter also enjoys being in class with her brother and enjoys learning the same moves.
My kids have been attending for the past 3 months and in that time their self esteem is higher and their attitudes are more positive. They really enjoy learning about the sport and being with the other kids in class. My daughter said “my favorite part was learning how to do an arm bar!” My son said “I love learning about the sweeps!” Coach David always has a smile on his face which is contagious.  He truly models how discipline, setting goals and following through pay off.
I highly recommend Mindset Martial Arts to any family because the environment in the gym is very kid friendly, they also help kids build their self esteem with positive comments and positive messages.   There is a great sense of community and there are always opportunities to learn new lessons, new moves, and new ways to challenge yourself.
I also attended the women’s fitness class and really enjoyed being challenged physically and mentally . I learned that through commitment and perseverance you are able to achieve your goals whether they are to lose weight, build strength or just being able to do a good push up. There is diversity in the coaches which is always fun as well.   I love doing the circuit training, doing boxing and learning self defense as well. I would recommend all programs at Mindset Martial Arts because they will challenge you in many ways.  Thank you Mindset Martial Arts for making fitness fun!!!



I got my daughter in Mindset Martial Arts for self defense and so she can have self confidence. The experience has been great good people and helpful my daughter loves it I would recommend it am thinking of joining my self!

(update) Now Carlso, his Daughter Daliah, and wife Dolores all train with us!


 kids Martial Arts
Skyler and Amria Tyson

“As her mother, I’m very pleased with the facility, classes and Instructors. I’m very greatful to Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts for supporting and pushing my daughter to apply herself and helping her to build her confidence. My sincerest thanks!”

Amira Tyson

“Well I like the MMA and the Jiu Jitsu class they are very fun and interesting to participate in so I’m glad to be a MAOLI FIGHTER!!”

Skyler Tyson age 10

 Gustavo age 39, Nada Tony Mili

My entire family trains here!!! The staff are more than professional trainers, coaches they are truly family. Whether jujitsu or MMA  My little daughters love training here..to the point that if there is an issue at home and there’s a “time out” they straighten up quickly so they dont miss class!

I train three times a week. Changed my eating habits based on Bjj and MMA instructors  and in one month I have 10 pounds…

whether training to get fit or to compete this place is it.. I know I will acquire my goal at MAOLI MMA.

This is my bjj and mma sanctuary.



kids Martial Arts

Regina and her Son Elias

“My son Elias trains in the Jiu Jitsu and MMA Program. Since my son started training here I’ve seen big improvement in his behavior Elias is less hyper around the  house. He has definitely become more discipline and more focused and I’ve even seen this in the improvement in his grades!”

Josh Wheeler

   Mindset Martial Arts Fighter is a great place to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. When I first came to train at this gym I expected the experience to be similar to my other experiences with martial arts: A hard-ass Cobra Kia Teacher, a bunch of guys trying to prove how tough they were, and a hands-off approach to learning. Mindset Martial Arts Fighter couldn’t be more different. The staff is attentive and approachableNot only has the staff answered every technical question I have ever posed as a newcomer to BJJ, they have also taken me to other dojos to train with new training partners.  Over the three months I have trained at Mindset Martial Arts Fighter I have built solid BJJ skills and I have forged a friendship with the teachers. In addition to the outstanding staff, Mindset Martial Arts Fighter also teaches very solid technique. Over course of my training my skill has increased exponentially; I went from knowing next to nothing about Brazilian Jui Jitsu, to beginning to hold my own against more experienced training partners. If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for an awesome place to train BJJ, MMA, or Boxing and learn from a hands-on and knowledgeable staff, then Maoili Fighter has what you are looking for.


Martial arts

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