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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Come Learn The Modern System of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that Propelled Caio Terra to Beat The Very Best In The World and  Win 9 World Titles! Come and See for Yourself How Technique Conquers All. See Why We The #1 Martial Arts School In Hayward! Listen To Tony’s Amazing Story! Joining The Hayward Chapter of the Caio Terra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association give you access to the most progressive Jiu Jitsu in the world.  Our goal is to give our members the […]

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Mindset Martial Arts MMA had a huge weekend (Friday, January 23rd) with our third overall MMA event. We definitely started the year off with a bang!! First and foremost we would like to thank all of our fans, there were 400 seats available and from the information we had, around 120 fans were in attendance!! That is an amazing turnout and we could not thank you enough for your support!!


To not only start off Mindset Martial Arts MMA but the WCS 18 event, Frankie Oceguera stepped into the cage against Jon Hubert in a fantastic fight. Frankie controlled all of the first round with constant pressure with his standup and a great take down. With that constant pressure and a solid over hand right he took control of the fight early. After a take down Frankie showed awesome jiu-jitsu defense in the end of the first. Start of the second it was more of the same, Frankie stayed dominant on top with good jiu-jitsu defense and passes, while keeping control of his opponent. In the third Frankie made his biggest adjustment with staying on his feet, the constant pressure he started with in the first gave him the ultimate advantage in getting his win in the third. Frankie, exhausted from the high tempo he fought with the entire fight, dug deep and pushed his opponent’s back into the cage. With a huge flurry of straights and hooks he ended the fight in the third round, TKO!


Everyone is very proud of your work Frankie, great job and great fight!!

We also had Juel Rice take his very first combat event. That’s right, before Friday Juel has never been in any single combat competition. Not one wrestling or jiu-jitsu tournament, not one boxing or muay thai fight. He went in there against a seasoned fighter and performed to a great and high Mindset Martial Arts standard.


Juel fought against Eduardo Davila in the fourth fight on the card. Juel came out on fire… speed, quickness and agility showed significantly in his favor. He showed a gritty side that made his opponent stop in his tracks and fail to advance in his attacks. Juel got caught in two guillotines and defended both of them quickly and beautifully. In a scramble at the end of the first his opponent took Juel’s back and in a flash he ended up on top in guard raining down strikes. To start the second Juel still showed his superior speed and quickness that gave him success in the first. Towards the middle of the round, however, he lost his footing. While Juel was trying to defend he was pinned against the cage and the ref stopped the fight. Juel lost, but had a learning experience and is on a learning curve second to none. His next fight should show the immense learning process this single fight has given him.


Through wins and losses, everything is a learning experience. In MMA there is two huge lessons we can learn from this weekend, the first is that we have to accept the fact that everything will not go our way 100% of the time. Sometimes we will lose, but we will do so fighting until the bitter end. It will never be easy and it will never come from us being an inferior fighter. The second, MMA is all about adjustments and adapting to our environment. So many times we will go into something, anything in life really, and have a head on idealism that just doesn’t work. In any combat sporting event, you have to adapt to survive. With both of our Mindset Martial Arts Fighters, we will continue to evolve our styles and grow into this sport to become an even better team.

Congratulations to both of our fighters, Job Well done!


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December 2014

This Month we were featured on the Al Día Con Leticia show on Fox Mundo 38



Hey Guys We are very proud to announce that Kristina Barlaan will be joining the Mindset Martial Arts Fighter Coaching Team! She is Phenomenal Coach, Athlete, Philanthropist, and Person. Kristina has won Countless titles including the 2014 IBJJF Brown Belt Pan Am Championships and a Invitation to the prestigious ADCC in Abu Dhabi. Starting 2015 she will be teaching on weekends and also working with our kids Competition team. **SPECIAL BONUS** We will also be rolling out a WOMEN’S ONLY Jiu-Jitsu Club open to women from all academies to join! More Details coming soon!

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November 2014

 Shout to Frankie for winning his MMA Debut!


October 2014

 2014 Halloween party is a HIT!




September 2014

Congrats to Mario!! Hard Work Pays Off!!

Coach John Pier Wins Big in Sacramento!

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