Community – Mindset Martial Arts & Fitness

Since 2010 we have partnered with Soulciety a nonprofit organization that gives youth employment opportunities our gym has been a vendor that receives use who are either on probation in foster care or a young mother. Our goal is to work with them in a professional environment give them job skills they can use for the next employment opportunity and Mentor them to help them be able to get through the challenges they face.



The youth Jiu Jitsu Collective was founded in 2012 our mission is to teach Jiu Jitsu and mindfulness. Our goal is to lower referral suspension and expulsion rates because these lead directly to incarceration and disproportionately affect youth of color. We are currently in three cities and for different schools and our gym mindset martial arts sponsors several you that come from these programs so they can continue to practice martial arts and have a safe place to go after school.