Womens only bootcamp union city


Compared to other day today’s boot camp was  light. Jen was our instructor and for the warm up we jumped rope for about ten minutes with two minute intervals. Then we exercised in station the first station was laying on your back turning over and then running to the end of the mat and then repeat until the who minute interval. Second station was step ups and box jumps you could mix it up and use


dumbbells for a more advanced workout the next station was twenty squats and twenty crunches non stop until the two minutes. Then you had the weight you lifted them until you couldn’t but still had to take off the weights and lift . Next station I had to do the punching bags free style and after that was the kettle bells which kind of. look how they sound they look like kettles but way more weight we lifted those.and lastly for the stations we sat on the stability balls and worked our arm with the dumbbells for twenty reps after twenty reps we did twenty more reps of a moved called the superman but with the ball between our legs.  After we all went through the stations there was a one minute water break . Yeah only one minute then back to working out. We grabbed the nine pound medicine ball and we did peline jumps for fifty seconds which we kind of looked like ballerinas then there was this type of dive we did these thing called hindu push ups , leg lifts and .squat kicks all for all for fifty seconds with ten second intervals. And we ended with us squatting and twisting side to side with the medicine ball and crunches. And today this was light but I really am already feeling the results I love it!!

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