Women only fitness classes


Women only fitness classes

You just watched how fun it is to do only 1 finished class.

Womens only fitness offers kickboxing boxing, cardio, weight lifting, time metrics stretches, running, and jumping. Making the face of excruciating exercise while you’re totally engulfed in sweat is what our program will give you. You’re going to want to quit and want to take the easy way out but we’re going to push you until you can do your personal best and we will not accept anything less. We push people to the best of their ability and its alright if you’ve never exercised a day in life where you were Total Fitness junkie this is the right class for you because we help guide you down the right road.

Why take our Hayward Women Only Fitness classes?

Do you live in the Hayward area where there are tons of places you can go and workout. There’s all kinds of Hayward fitness centers this Hayward such as ¬†planet fitness, Hayward 24 hour fitness, and ¬†Hayward Ballys. Most of the gyms are ran by corporations that have a one-size-fits-all regiment for each person.

Our Hayward women’s only fitness classes are totally different!

First of all we limit the size of our classes so that each person gets a solid workout and were able to monitor their progress. Also it’s women only so you don’t have to worry about some scumbag guy trying to hit on you while you are working out. And there’s also a really great team environment where everybody pushes each other so that all the ladies work together to help each other out and they have a lot of fun in the process.

Click here to check out our women only fitness classes if you live in Hayward area.

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