my maoli martial arts experience



I’d never really thought i enjoy like MMA and just the kick boxing stuff period just because it seemed so boyish to me. But , in all actuality my Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts experience has really , not to seem corny but has changed me. It gives me time to myself and it gets my mind off a lot of things and i don’t feel stressed when I’m done. i don’t have any worries you know. Especially with the great results i know I’m getting i really don’t mind that much.Cause like i sort of learn how to defend myself and because since i know that i don’t really trip of other people just because i know what i’m capable of ya know . Also just the vibe and the environment is just so cool like you just automatically feel welcome ya know , no joke though like when you come here and start doing whatever your doing you’ll get addicted . my Mindset Martial Arts martial arts experience is really overall just fun and like it makes me feel good i get high like off the exercising cause i just feel so good  and like i just feel clear and fresh. The women’s boot camp is not joke. We went from bear claws , to mountain climber, to planks. it was just so much. Mind you that’s seriously just the warm up we boxed and did some kickboxing techniques.I had really fun and i felt really good how when the girls seen i was giving up , ( which i was ) they’re like come on now girl, if you quit we all quit. I swear that really did give me that boost. I mean how couldn’t it if they believed in me then come on now i needed to believe in myself . I did !! and i didn’t stop finished the whole thing through . Gosh I’m hurting so good right now 🙂

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