Mma Strength and Conditioning Hayward


The 7:30 Strength and Conditioning class is no joke it is really difficult!! It’s actually very common that we get people throwing up and barking in the class all the time, but for some strange reason they keep on coming back for more lol. Are MMA class is unique in the sense that is a very put together and structured fitness program that wakes up and shocks your body after every session so your body doesn’t have a chance to adapt. That’s giving you maximum results we have people on average to lose about 20 pounds in 1 month.20 pounds in one month. come on now. If you’re looking to loose some weight and you want to loose some weight really fast I highly suggest you come on down and give us a try you won’t be sorry, but you will be very sore but that’s what you came for anyway right lol!!! So go off to the right side of the webpage and entering your information to start your free 30 day trial someone will call you shortly to setup your appointment.

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