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Mixed Martial Arts helps you Gain Self Discipline, Confidence, Motivation to lose weight and keep it off with mixed martial arts.

If you Live in the Casto Valley area and your lookin to learn the Wildly popular Mixed Martial Arts NOW IS THE TIME!
Mixed Martial Arts is for everyone! Thats why Everyone is doing it! Mixed Martial Arts is the best total body work out and training MMA can transform you in to a fighting maching in the process! At Hayward Mixed Martial Arts we offer a Very structured beginner course where we intruduce studend to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu bynMuay Thai Kickboxing wrestling and Judo. This summer is the perfect time to do it! Get in shape like a UFC fighter and learn the basics that will change your life forever!
Heres How effective Mixed Martial Arts is against traditional martial arts

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