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Learn UFC  MMA Style Fighting while Getting in the Best shape of you’re life!

Ask your self this question..

If some one told you they could give you something that would change your life for the better along with health, your fitness level, confidence, discipline, and turn you into a Ultimate Fighting Machine in the process would you try it? If you said yes to yourself then what would you do if they gave you 30 Days Free of the miracle product? Would you give it a shot? Well that what we’re offering! Not just a Day free but a FREE 30 Day Trial! It is yours to keep at no cost or obligation! We are the ONLY GYM in the Bay Area to do this! Come see why this is so popular and why Everyone is doing it!

How Is Hayward MMA & Fitness Different From The Other Schools?

It seems like every where you look Every Martial Arts school is saying they teach MMA or BJJ now a days. In all actuality most of these schools have very little or sometimes even no actual experience in any of these disciplines. Often they are karate or Taekwondo schools that just added BJJ or MMA on their sign. There are academies who have never actually been taught jiu-jitsu by an actual jiu-jitsu instructor. Others will actually say the are MMA fighters when are actually just bar fights and have no formal training.

  • Every Instructor at Hayward MMA & Fitness Academy is either a MMA fighter or a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  champion,

“We Take You From Beginner to Advanced in 5 Easy Steps”

So here’s how we do it.. Step 1

Injury Preventive MMA Conditioning:

The first thing we start with is a scientifically proven method designed to prevent injury this includes:

  • Develop Core Abdominal Strength
  • Strengthen Muscles
  • Strengthen Ligaments in the Knees, Arms, Shoulders
  • Increase Balance
  • Increase Endurance, Stamina, Reflexes
  • Develop Muscle Memory and Motor Skills


Step 2:

Learn Proper Striking. Here’s where you learn the fundamental of how to fight Mixed Martial Arts:

  • Learn why its Easier to Knockout an opponent with proper Technique instead Strength and Power.
  • Learn correct kicking technique.
  • Discover how to throw combination blows that end fights.
  • How to use the gym Equipment correctly.
  • Learn how to work with focus pads and mitts.

Step 3

Learn Submission Grappling: In this step you will learn how to use Take-downs to put your opponent to the ground and how to defend yourself  and finish the fight if your opponent is on top of you.

  • Learn how to apply a submission technique while an opponent is on top of you that can render an attacker unconscious.
  • Learn how to use your opponents leverage and power against them
  • Find and develop the style that best suits your individual body type and preference
  • Learn how to defend yourself against being taken down
  • Learn effective wrestling take-downs that can end fights

Step 4

Train in Live Sparing Matches. After and (only after) the instructors have assessed you are ready to are ready to start sparing you will begin toparticipate in carefully structure and highly controlled sparing sessions. Which can Involve:

  • Kickboxing with takedowns
  • Specific fight position scenarios
  • Ground and pound simulation
  • Pure submission wrestling sparing
  • Mix Martial Arts Sparring

Step 5

Practice makes perfect they say “Repetition is the father of learning.”

  • Train
  • Drill
  • Practice
  • Train
  • Drill

“Our MMA System helps you ‘Get It’ and over time ‘It’ becomes easy”


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