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How effective is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mixed Martial Arts?

I believe video below will answer your question! In this video you’ll see how technique and leverage overcomes strength and power. Brazilian jujitsu has been the staple for mixed martial arts ever since it has began. As long time been thought that in a street fight when somebody is on top of you, you are done for! However if you start raining brazilian jujitsu or mixed martial arts you’ll see that is definitely not the case. Training Brazilian jujitsu and mixed martial arts on the only how to defend yourself but you will get you in amazing shape fast!

90 Percent of Street Fights and Mixed Martial Arts fights end up on the ground.

So if someone is on top of you you better know how to defend yourself because it could cost you your life! Gain confidence by learning some basic techniques that can make a diffrence.


So Where is a Good Place to Train Mixed Martial Arts in the San Lorenzo Area?

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