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I started Training at Mindset Martial Arts Martial Art about a month and 2weeks now, and its was pretty cool meeting awesome people. My 2nd week that i started Training here we went to Santa Cruz early in the morning to see and meet more people well atleast thats just for me haha, Well i just wanted to watch from the bench and watch his daughter for him while they train. I didnt want to train yet because it was my first time there. But it ended good for me because people out there was awesome and great had a lot of fun watching them and learned quite a lot or moves and techniques. Hoping i get to go back there again someday and train this time.

Why did i work/train here? Simple Its My Thing’ and because i used to kickbox back then and mixing it up with boxing as well i loved it. I didnt train that long in kickbox but i learned a lot when i was there. i wanted to keep training but i had school in the way and you know what they say bussiness before plessure thats my story on why i work/train here now. You know Brazilian jiu-jitsu is pretty cool to learn base on my experienced even though i havnt been here very long. and id love to study about it too on my extra time. I can get a hang of this since its new to me and id loved it soo far. Looking Forward to learning more moves and techniques.

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