Manuel wins gold!


This weekend Manuel had a really exciting bjj tournament experience. Manuel signed up for his first bjj tournament experience with the eye of the tiger. he sign him up for the 39 year old division has a white belt with only 6 months of training. Then well it’s definitely air rugged individual who is not one to shy away from challenge. As was the case this weekend. Is first match text is appointed down and then he was swept from the garden mission directly into the mount. the coolest part was never gave up even when he was in a bad position. He was able to scramble his way out of the Mount. And ended up taking his opponent back. Later to secure the rear naked choke forcing the Tapout. He only had 1 match in his division and could have well walked away the gold metal in his hand and a smile on his face. But that was not enough for him enter the open division to really test to self I guess younger stronger opponents that out weighed him in some instances. He lost his first match in the open division to a triangle choke. We thought the day was over and had said our goodbuys n we were walking out of the door. When we were instructed that he had another match. So

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