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“See How our Kids Jiu Jitsu Boosts Your Child’s Confidence, Gives them Discipline, Teaches them Respect That Will Last a Life Time!”


See Why So Many Parents in Hayward Choose our Kids Jiu Jitsu Program!


Regina and her Son Elias

“My son Elias trains in the Jiu Jitsu and MMA Program. Since my son started training here I’ve seen big improvement in his behavior Elias is less hyper around the  house. He has definitely become more discipline and more focused and I’ve even seen this in the improvement in his grades!”


 Skyler and Amria Tyson

“As her mother, I’m very pleased with the facility, classes and Instructors. I’m very greatfull to Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts for supporting and pushing my daughter to apply herself and helping her to build her confidence. My sincerest thanks!”

Amira Tyson

“Well I like the MMA and the Jiu Jitsu class they are very fun and interesting to participate in so I’m glad to be a MAOLI FIGHTER!!”

Skyler Tyson age 10


 Gustavo age 39, Nada age 6, Tony age 8 Mili age 10

My entire family trains here!!! The staff are more than professional trainers, coaches they are truly family. Whether jujitsu or MMA  My little daughters love training the point that if there is an issue at home and there’s a “time out” they straighten up quickly so they dont miss class!

I train three times a week. Changed my eating habits based on Bjj and MMA instructors  and in one month I have lost ten pounds…

whether training to get fit or to compete this place is it.. I know I will acquire my goal at MAOLI MMA.

This is my BJJ And MMA sanctuary.



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Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence With Our Easy 5 Step System


Step 1: Accountability 

Ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions . In our program you child will learn what it means to be accountable for their actions. Your child will receiving recognition for leadership, hard work, and positive attitudes inside and outside of the academy. The entire team will be held accountable for the behavior of every member of the team. so if there is a problem with one student all students will be held accountable for their actions.

Step 2: Achievement

He/she will gain new skills. When children learn new skills they are beaming with confidence. Remember how excited your child gets when they want to show you a new trick or something new they can do? They don’t hesitate to show you with gleaming bright eyes that are full of excitement… That’s confidence.

Step 3: Ability

Your child will safely learn and practice effective Martial Arts for the real world. He/she will learn a mix of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Grappling), Muay Thai (Kick Boxing) and Freestyle Wrestling that will give them a full spectrum of martial arts.  Nonetheless, they will gain the skill-set to defend themselves if a bully tries to intimidate or harm them.

Step 4: Fitness

Training martial arts is the ultimate total mind and body workout. Our program will increase your child’s physical strength through push-ups, sit-ups, running, coordination drill, motor skill development, and functional fitness exercises. Everyone knows if you feel stronger, faster, more agile,and look better, you will feel more self-confident. It is that simple.


Step 5: Fun and Challenging Games 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” right? In our Mindset Martial Arts Fighter Kids Martial Arts program we incorporate tons of  psychically and mentally challenging, goal orientated games. We play games in a team setting and activities that promote individual accomplishments.






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Here is what we teach:

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that uses grappling techniques, which enables practitioners to subdue their opponents without the use of kicks or punches. This eliminates the need to use excessive force in real life self-defense situations. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes the use of leverage and technique over strength and power. The effectiveness of BJJ has been demonstrated and proven to be extremely beneficial in real life situations.


Louis and Itzel Members of our Kids Jiu Jitsu Competition team win gold medals at the kids world championships!


Benefits of Training BJJ:

  • Gain Self-Confidence

  • Better Flexibility

  • Faster Reflexes

  • Muscle Tone and Definition

  • Self-Esteem

  • Agility

  • Self-Defense

  • Weight Loss

  • Fitness

  • Coordination

    Watch a Kids MMA class in action



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What is Muay Thai (Kick-Boxing)

Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the“Science Of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of elbow and knee strikes, punches, and kicks. Formal Muay Thai techniques are divided into two groups: mae mai (major techniques) and luk mai (minor techniques). Muay Thai is often a fighting art of attrition, where opponents exchange blows with one another. This is certainly the case with traditional stylists in Thailand, but is a less popular form of fighting in the contemporary world fighting circuit where the Thai style of exchanging blow for blow is no longer favorable. Almost all techniques in Muay Thai use the entire body movement, rotating the hip with each kick, punch, elbow and block.

“Martial Arts can be 8x More Effective in Building A Child’s Confidence Than Team Sports.”

Here is why…


It is the unfortunate truth that unless your child is the super star of the team chances are he/she will be sitting on the sidelines while the coaches favorite players are in the game.

Our Mindset Martial Arts Fighter Kids Martial Arts Program is Totally Different!

But do not  take our word for it. Come see for yourself.



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Place your child in our martial arts Program today and watch them thrive!



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