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Kids Jiu Jitsu Competition Team

“Give Your Child The Competitive Edge For Success”


Itzel and Louis after winning the 2013 Kids World championships

Here is Raheem Fathi in chronicling his first year in Jiu Jitsu and being part of the Mindset Martial Arts Kids Competition Team.

“No other Kids Jiu Jitsu Program In Hayward Consistently Achieves the Level of Success as Our Athletes”

Here’s what separates us from other schools. Our athletes are competing in winning at the highest levels in the sport.



2014 US Open



Our kids our kids have won dozens of titles including 3 World Championships and what’s remarkable about the program is a lot of children become very successful in a short period time.



Our program instills the principles of success into your child. We teach how focus, discipline, extra effort, and hard work on the keys to being successful not only in the sport of Jiu Jitsu but in life as well. The children in our competition team are not only incredibly successful the sports but the children are also incredibly successful academically as well.


The competition team is an invitation only so once your child is in the program for a while and demonstrates there is this for hard work and extra effort they will become eligible to be invited into the competition team.



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