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Women’s  cardio workout


Today I attended the women’s workout session at the Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts studio. They did a warm up which was the jump rope, push ups, and jumping jacks. They also did work out layups, which rotated every couple of minutes. Some of the workouts looked a little intense. The different workouts were squats, bear crawlers, sit ups, and high steps. The women’s class  is  from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday, a full hour of intense workout. Everyone works individually but there instructor leads them and tells them when to switch to a different station.They switch about every five minutes.

The class looks very intense but the women that are in it seem like they really enjoy it.

This workout helps you get into shape and tone up your body muscles. Everyone in the women’s cardio workout have a great attitude and are committed to the workout session they attend.  Its  a really good workout, a lot of sweating, gets your heart racing. After you do this weekly workout a couple of times you will get used to it and will be motivated to come back and do some more exercise. Today we had a lot of new people come in and ask to fill out a form to join, they even tried it out today and said they loved it and will be back next week.

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