Hayward Women Only Kick Boxing


Hayward Women Only Kick Boxing 

Come check out our Hayward Women Only Kick Boxing it’s pretty cool.This program really helps to excel at your own pace. It’s women only so you don’t have to worry about any men being inappropriate for bothering you during your workout. Coaches are very friendly and informative and they really push you hard as you can go without  quitting or give up on you.  It’s an awesome way to build confidence, because when you feel good you look good .

Our Hayward women only kick boxing program is a lot of fun!

Not only do you get in shape but you learn how to fight at Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts.Women that join the  kickboxing program are also granted the chance to fight in an  MMA competition . Even though it’s a fight gym everyone here is super friendly.Summer time is here but it’s not too late to get in shape and bring back that beach body. It only takes a little bit of a hard work,motivation,and determination. Anyone can go do it!  The cool thing is everybody at the academy really works together to help each other out so you are 100% getting your moneys worth guaranteed when joining Hayward Women Only Kickboxing.

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