Hayward morning bjj class


Come check out Mindset Martial Arts Martial Arts Hayward morning BJJ class!

Morning bjj Hayward classes are going crazy right now. Our classes are very good and awesome . What we do is called our E.P.I.C which stands for Explosion Power Intensities Circuit. This combines with the weights and focusing on the area of the body to exercise on throughout the week. We have a whole lot of exercise equipment including marine ropes ,a way to lead to dumbbells and bench bars along with medicine balls and plyometric training agreement to do in speed and power.

Our Hayward morning bjj class is like no others.

We get a good workout just before we start the morning BJJ class. Classes are generally smaller but more focused in training. In most cases morning bjj classes can be good for people that work at night,  or students that are  in between classes. A lot of people think you need to spend a lot of time in the gym weights to get strong. In actuality you can do a lot of work outs in a short period of time and get the same great results vs spending hours and hours. In morning BJJ class we do a  quick set of conditioning lifting weights, doing bodyweight exercises ,and working on explosive power in only 30 minutes. Some people come just for that 30 minute workout. It’s a great way to build confidence and stay in shape.

Come check out our Hayward morning BJJ classes anytime and receive a 30 day free trial by clicking on this link.

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