Hayward kids BJJ


Check on our Kids Bjj program


Our kids in our Kids Bjj program have ¬†participated in tournaments such as Jujitsu By The Bay, Jujitsu By The Sea, Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu¬†championships and various other competitions . We are a proud school that produces winners, so if you want your child to win in life and gain confidence to become the role model and a leader of his peers; then come check out our Kids Bjj school. Every child receives a the unique special attention they deserves which is unlike any other bjj school in Hayward. Not to mention the fact that your child will be begging you to bring them back because they have so much fun training and learning a new martial arts skill. The simple truth is that kids love to have fun and rough house. Through ¬†Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, your child will have a safe environment to learn wrestling and grappling skills and do it in a safe affective structured manor. Unlike your average school, we don’t just throw your kid in with the bunch. By enrolling in our Kids Bjj programs Each new student gets a free private lesson where we discuss with him/her and their parent or guardian about what their goals are as our future student. I also go over techniques and drills so your child can have a better idea of how our classes and program works. Come on in and take our free 30 day trial bjj is right for your kids.

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