Hayward Fitness Circuit Training


 Fitness Circuit Training

Today i participated in the women’s MMA cardio strength and training class at Hayward Mindset Martial Arts martial arts. WOW! What a work out! That was one the toughest fitness workouts iv’e ever done! You definitely won’t find any other place in Hayward to workout like this! This place is super amazing. You can really feel the workout in your body.

This Fitness circuit training is beast!

It will definitely have you sweating and sore. Its so worth the pain though. This fitness circuit training gets your body in toned and in shape. The fitness circuit training has a rotation process, every station is about 3 minutes long, when the bell goes off you rotate to the next exercise.there are 10 different exercises. I would definitely recommend Hayward Mindset Martial Arts martial arts to people because this is a great place to come if you want to get active, loose weight and tone up your body. Its some tough work but also fun at the same time. Its a great place to meet new people that have the same goal as you and are doing the same workouts as you. I had a very great experience here and will definitely be back next week to work out again! The instructors were a great encouragement and help people get through the tough workouts.


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