Hayward circuit training boxing


today’s boxing a word cross training class was an awesome class we had a big number of people mostly beginners training today it was awesome. It was a real solid makes a man and women young and older people. It was really cool to watch everybody push through this and carry on even when they wanted to quit. We had a boxing instructor hugo help out and that was huge. Hugo is an amatuer boxing gloves champion with a lot of passion boxing and a very high Boxing iq. After we did the circuit training he broke class in 2 groups of 2. Half of the class worked with hugo boxing and the other words with d t single leg wrestling takedowns and how to escape a bad position. If you’re in the neighborhood. Or if you’re in hayward area and you’re looking for boxing training, mixed martial arts, brazilian jujitsu, or you just looking to get into great shape come check it out.

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