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Keep Your Child Safe From Bullies, Away From Video Games And Active After School!  Boost Your Child’s Confidence, Discipline, And Focus With Our NEW 21 Day Self Defense Program!

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(Includes FREE Uniform)


Have Your Child Train Up to 2 Hours a Day Of Muscle Building Physical Activity, Flexibility training, and Neuromuscular Coordination Exercises.Our NEW 21 Day  Self Defense Course Includes:

  • Real World Self Defense Techniques Such as Kick Boxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Proven Focus and Concentration Exercises

  • Great Way to Make New Friends and Stay Active After School

  • Keep Your Children Safe From Bullies


How Is This Different From Other Martial Arts

The Martial Arts your child will learn is the same that is taught to Police, Special Forces, and Professional Mix Martial Artist. We teach your children REAL WORLD self defense that will work on the streets. If This Works for them it will work for your Child! Above everything we teach your children how to Focus, how to be Disciplined, and the process of how one performs at their highest level.


What Exactly Are My Children Going To Learn?

Muay Thai KickBoxing.


Our  kickboxing class  instructor John Pier is also and active MMA Fighter who teaches as his full time job. In this class your child will learn the proper way to throw fast effective punches and kicks. In this class your child will also participate in a very hard boot camp style workout. The children will do tones of excercises to strenth core arms and legs. These workouts are similar to what it would be like to starting training for football practice except they happen year round and the help prepare your child physically for the classes.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ).


This Class is Taught by Several High Level instructors David Thompson, Kristina Barlaan, and Manuel Jueng. In this class your child will learn not only BJJ but we include Wrestling. We incorporate wrestling into the program because it gives your child the ability to defend against another person trying to tackle your child or bring them to the ground along with the ability to apply wrestling takedown and how to scramble out of bad positions. This is a crucial element to self defense.


BJJ is a grappling art that uses leverage and technique over strength and power. It focuses on controlling your opponent without the use of kicks or punches so the sparring sessions are grappling and wrestling. In the sparring session its very common to see  smaller children taking down controlling and submitting a lot larger children and with focus parental support consistency your child will be able to to this too!


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Mariana, Esteban, and Annabel

I have two kids ages 8 and 6 a boy and girl. My husband and I were looking for an activity that would help them with their self confidence and self esteem. We came upon Mindset Martial Arts and really liked the Coaches positive attitude and positive messages he would give the kids. My son who is 8  was always fearful of any type of martial arts but when he came to his first class at Mindset Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu he loved it. He was so excited to get his gi and to begin to learn the Jiu jitsu moves and self defense. He is always ready to come to class and he leaves the class with a smile and positive attitude.  He has been more focused in school and more disciplined overall. My daughter also enjoys being in class with her brother and enjoys learning the same moves.
My kids have been attending for the past 3 months and in that time their self esteem is higher and their attitudes are more positive. They really enjoy learning about the sport and being with the other kids in class. My daughter said “my favorite part was learning how to do an arm bar!” My son said “I love learning about the sweeps!” Coach David always has a smile on his face which is contagious.  He truly models how discipline, setting goals and following through pay off.
I highly recommend Mindset Martial Arts to any family because the environment in the gym is very kid friendly, they also help kids build their self esteem with positive comments and positive messages.




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