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Kilo Club

Kilo Club Outline

What this is, is a way to incentivize practice and repetition. How do we get better at something you’re focused practice right? And learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu is no different than learning piano guitar math problems it just takes lots of practice the more you practice generally the better you get. So for those of you that are looking to excel in your training this is going to be a great opportunity for you.

Click this link here it will take you to a spreadsheet that lets you keep track of the amount of techniques that you do. There is five major categories submissions, Sweeps, Takedowns, Transitions and escapes.

Don’t just do this willy-nilly. It’s going to be different for each person but set a specific plan on what you want to improve on. For example it maybe transition to the back with a choke and arm bar or guard passing to side control and then to the mouth. Or it can be I’m going to have the deadliest on bars from the bottom or I will develop one solid moneymaker Judo throw or take out. But be specific that way your practice will be focused and goal orientated.

How the spreadsheet works

What you’ll do is keep track of the techniques that you practice whether it’s in class, after class, or at home and the goal is to get to a thousand of one of them. You can set mini Milestones by reaching a thousand of a couple techniques combined. For example side control to the guard and then guard to sweep. Or I did 333 armbars from the guard, 333 sweeps, and 334 back takes.

Once you have selected the technique you want to do enter it in the column in the spreadsheet. For example the spreadsheet starts off with submissions. If you want to add a new submission to your spreadsheet just add a column next to it labeling it the name of the new submission you want to practice.

Then enter in the date and the number of times the number of times the technique was practiced.

It’s a fairly basic spreadsheet but I like to see it be a living document if you guys can figure out a way to make this more awesome feel free to send it to me and will share it with the group.


I suggest keeping it in your google drive so you can up date it easily.


Click Here to download the spread sheet