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Top 3 reasons why cardio kickboxing is better than working out at the gym.

1. Working out at the gym is complicated! If you’re a woman it’s hard to stay focused while you’re working out because there are so many things you start to worry about as you are walking into the gym. Are my clothes fitting right? How are people looking at me? What if this happens? What if that happens? ¬†When you decide to make a change in your life you need safety and working out at the gym may not be the best if these questions cross your mind. Gyms are great for the percentage of people that know how to adapt to that situation, but if you’re just getting started it may not be the best place.

2. Without detailed, one-on-one instructions it could be very difficult to figure out what you’re supposed to do with those intimidating machines. Not to mention that lifting weights by yourself incorrectly can be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries. A solution to this could be to hire a personal trainer¬†immediately, but they can be very expensive. Unfortunately, the fact that the machines are used by so many people encourages the though of the equipment getting germ infested.

3. You will not learn how to defend yourself at a sports fitness gym. You can do all the running and lifting weights, but if somebody tries to attack you, you will be defenseless because all you can do is run. Cardio kickboxing is not only get you great shape, but will teach you how to defend yourself against people that are trying to attack you. It could take only one well-practiced hit to your attacker to save your life. What choice will you make?

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