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Come check out one of the dopest California MMA gyms in hayward.


We specialize in teaching mixed martial arts for self defense and for professional amateur fighters. Our haywsrd location is 1 of the best mma gyms in the east bay. A lot of other mma gyms are full of muscle heads and people that just wanna come and beat you up. But are mma gym is totally different we are friendly open environment with a very structured beginner course.

Most mma gyms now in fact are just karate schools put the letters m m a on their sign.


They actually don’t have any mixed martial arts fighters. And are kung fu schools and stuff like that. Finding the right mma gym can be difficult. If you’re looking for mma gyms in hayward you don’t have to look much further cuz we are really good school.

We even have a children’s program where we teach children mixed martial arts responsibly! You’re not in the business of training young children to go out and hurt other children dangerous techniques. Teach how to be responsible with the techniques.

The problem with some schools is that they are strictly for young athletes trying to become the next superstar  become the next superstar because the ufc on television. Our Hayward mma gym different we have people of all ages young and old dial fighting techniques and awesome getting in great shape.
At the age difference we have in the mma gym. We have people that are older and younger and in all types of shape. Some people have never even exercise before and you really good and excel at the art. We also have athlete’s feet on high levels of wrestling kickboxing in brazilian jujitsu that train with us.


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