MMA San leandro area


Looking for A Safe place to learn BJJ?

Check this place out! Its a great fun way to exercise and to get into shape. The Plyometric conditioning is unbelievable as well as the mixed martial arts class they offer. The BJJ academy has a very welcoming feeling to it. As you walk in, its amazing how quickly it feels like you know everyone. The instructors as well as the students are very friendly. There are nobody with big egos. I feel respected. As a wrestler with a passion for grappling I instantly grown attached to Brazilian Jiu jitsu. The classes are organized and well taught by the instructors.

David Thompson and Derrick Easterling  are all very experienced, and speak clearly in a way that is easily understandable. They strive to help you hone your Bjj skills and push you to work harder. What makes Team Silva distinct from other schools is how they put effort into teaching all of their students. Every student has the instructors undivided attention. Nobody is left out. Each and every students gets one on one training with the instructors. Being an active member of Bally Total Fitness I could honestly say that running on the treadmill or biking is torturing. Simply lifting alone is boring. If your looking to get into shape and have fun doing so, Hayward BJJ is the way to go. There is never a dull moment training here with Team Silva. Everyday you learn something new. Anyone can train at any pace.

The instructors are patient and understanding. They work the pace your going. I take 2 buses to get to this facility because I love it here. Don’t let intimidation be the excuse of why you wont even consider the 30 day free BJJ trial offer. Don’t be scared to get beaten by an experienced Jiu Jitsu student because the way I see it failure is the backdoor to success in life. I recently just started training here and I’m going to continue training here at Team Silva HaywardBJJ.

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