BJJ in Hayward


so today i wen to train at the 12 oclock noon class. There was about 5 people there. The watson brothers (Jacob age of 14 and his big brother Joseph) and my friend abel campos. Joe and blue belt and zach and i were there too. I was leading the short warm ups, and after that david or brown belt instructor showed us one of his cool warm ups of how to get out mount and side control just by shrimping. i was training with joseph. He had a little bit of a struggle at the biginning of the warm up but once i told him some tips he was blazing through them. David did some quick cool, effective self defense moves from when someone takes your back. David showed us some techinques which required some, “dipping” which means you grap your oppent and lift him up and throw him to the ground, but we all friends over there so Joseph landed me softly. I had lots of fun. after that david called for a quick break and i asked jois i could practice my flying armbars, and me and him found out a good tip on how you can get a perfect flying armbar. AHHHH yes!! another day of bjj and had fun and learned at the same time.  

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