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Brazillian Jiu-Jistu

Theres a place in hayward where you can get the best jiu-jutsu training and have fun doing it. Brazillian Jiu-Jistu (BJJ) teaches that a smaller weaker person can successfuly defend themselves against a bigger and stronger threat by useing proper technique mostly by applying joint-locks and choke-holds. Brazillian Jiu-Jistu training can be used for sporting grappling tounaments. Brazilian Jiu-Jistu is known as more than just fighting, it is not solely a martial art it is a sport, a way of promoting physical fitness and building charater in young people, and it is ultimately a way of life.

History Of The Name Brazillian Jiu-Jistu

the Japanese  government itself did not officially mandate until 1925 that the correct name for the martial art taught in the Japanese public schools should be called “judo” not “jujutsu” in Brazil the art is called “Jiu-Jistu” when the Gracies went to the united states to spread the art they used the terms “Brazillian Jiu-Jistu” and “Gracie Jiu-Jistu” to differentiate from the already present styles using similar-sounding names.

Brazillian Jiu-Jistu Styles Of Fighting

Brazillian Jiu-Jistu emphasizes getting an opponent to the ground to be able to use ground techniques and submission holds involeing choke-holds and joint-locks. Brazilian Jiu-Jistu permits wide variety of techniques to take the fight to the ground after taking  grip of your opponent. Achieving a dominant position on the ground is one of the hallmarks of Brazillian Jiu-Jistu style. it includes effective use of the guard position to defend, and passing the guard to dominate from top position with side control, mount, and back mount positions.

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