5 Tips on How To Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu By Your Next Class


Let’s face it Jiu Jitsu incredibly brutal sport. I should know I’ve been training for over 15 years I’m part of Caio Terra Association and I have the opportunity to train with some of the top BJJ athletes in the sport. With that said can speak first hand on the thrills and  frustrations that come along with the sport. Just like Tom Hanks said in that one movie “the hard part is what makes it so great”.


Here are some quick tips you can put in class today that will improve your Shih Tzu.

1. It’s All About The Grips.

It’s very common, as a beginner to get flustered and go into quasi autopilot mode. If there’s one thing that can definitely improve your position, posture, and leverage it is the grips that you have especially from the bottom. You want to be sure that you are making a minimum of 3 contact points at all times. This can be a grip on the sleeves, the lapel (top or bottom). When in doubt or in a bad position make sure you’re you grips to improve your position. (and not laying like a dead fish)

2.Make sure you eat and drink enough water before you go to class.

Excellence is in the preparation . You wake up in the morning and you know you have to work for 8 to 10 hours and rush to Jiu-Jitsu right after, make sure the night before you have a snack and a bottle of water ready for you.  consume both about an hour before you go train. It sucks to be exhausted and ineffective because you have no energy and it’s almost a waste of practice.

3. Come to class with a very specific goal for that class.

The sea of Jiu Jitsu is very deep and the waters can be turbulent at times. If you show up to class with a very clear idea of what you want to accomplish that day for that practice you will be Lazer focused on improving.

4. Get as much feedback as possible.

The formula for any improvement is very simple. Performance. Feedback. Revision.

  • Step 1  You perform a technique .
  • Step 2 You get a feedback to see if it was effective or not. You ask questions and find out what you can do to make it effective.
  • Step 3 You apply this feedback into the revision and repeat pretty simple.


  1. Train with the best team you can find.

If there is a school or team in your area that is consistently winning local and regional tournaments as a team, and your goal is to be successful in jujitsu you might want to think about joining that team. Excellence is contagious and the power of association is real and tangible. if you hang around people who smoke cigarettes you will probably smoke cigarettes. If you hang around people who cheat lie and steal chances are you will probably cheat lie and steal. if you hang around people who are positive and do good things for others and the community you will most likely start doing the same. Excellence is a mindset it’s a habit and it can be a culture if you’re in the right place. BJJ is still pretty much a niche sport however its popularity has exploded over the last 10-15 years.There are tons of open mats and the politics (you can only train with us or you’re a traitor)  aren’t as bad as it used to be. However your team is your home base and that is where you will learn the most and grow the most.




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