MMA Gyms Hayward Area


You looking for any MMA gyms in Hayward area? Well you might have just found it.

Hayward MMA and Fitness is one of the premier locations in the Hayward area dedicated to people learning martial arts. It’s also home professional MMA fighter Derrick Easterling and national champion David Thompson. This MMA gym is 1 of the world’s best because it is truly a family environment. We teach our students a striking Kama Ke Ke and me take down jujitsu submissions. We also are great for men, women, children and teens of all skill levels and ages. We have a family style kids program that teaches the children to learn self-discipline and help them gain confidence. This MMA gym in one word is fantastic. It’s one of the best because it’s too important to me that they excel in Mixed Martial Arts. Come on down today and get a free 30 day trial. Experience what it’s like to learn UFC style fighting and Mixed Martial Arts techniques that are taught to last you a lifetime.

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